Control Remoto + Tarjeta 12 Relés

Control Remoto + Tarjeta 12 Relés

Control Remoto + Tarjeta 12 Relés

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    Description: 12-way wireless receive controller is mainly used in automatic door, window, crane device, brake, industrial control, safeguard and security area. The product adopts SCM program to control the 12 relays to make the motor rotate in two directions or to make the switch on /off or some special control.
    The product has the features of large memory, high security, stable performance and low power consumption. It's easy to use, unnecessary to encode by on-off switch or jumper.

    User just let the receiver receive and store the remote controller's signal to match with the transmitter. Every receive controller can learn at most 12 remote controllers with different password. If the learned remote controller is lost, we just clear off the
    information in the receiver and re-learn once again with the new remote controller.
    The product has 4 output modes named self-lock, non-lock, mutual-lock and self-lock& non-lock at the same time. It is through study with different key to select the output work mode


    • Work Frequency: 433.92 MHz
    • Power supply: 12V DC
    • Static work current: 6mA
    • Sensitivity: -105dBm
    • Output Control Voltage: 120VAC@10A , 12-14VDC@20A
    • Output current: 5A
    • Channels: 12