Digilent osciloscopio USB (Analog Discovery)

Digilent osciloscopio USB (Analog Discovery)

Digilent osciloscopio USB (Analog Discovery)

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    A Portable Analogue Circuit Design Kit which includes a Dual Channel Oscilloscope/Function Generator

    Transform your PC into a powerful circuit learning platform that can measure, visualize, analyse, record and control mixed signal circuits! The Analog Discovery is small enough to fit in your pocket and costs less than a textbook, but it is powerful enough to replace a stack of lab equipment. Powered by a Hi-Speed USB port and the free WaveForms software, the Analog Discovery lets you build and test analogue and digital circuits outside of the lab.

    Complements this magnificent new USB oscilloscope with BNC connector and adapter with these probes for oscilloscopes.


    • Built-in dual channel oscilloscope and function generator, digital I/O and two power supplies
    • Real-time FFTs, X-Y plots, complex math and measurements on all channels
    • Supported with MATLAB.
    • 5 MHz analogue signal bandwidth
    • Arbitrary and pre-defined waves up to ±5V
    • Bode plot feature using standard, Nyquist & Nichols coordinates
    • Supports cross-triggers with scope channels
    • Two fixed ±5V, 50mA power supplies
    • 16 signals, 100MSPS, 4KSa/channel memory
    • Sweeps, envelopes, AM and FM modulation
    • Fully differential inputs, up to 100 MSPS, 14-bit ADC, up to 16KSa/channel memory