DuinoMite-eMEGA (Compatible with Arduino shields)

DuinoMite-eMEGA (Compatible with Arduino shields)

DuinoMite-eMEGA (Compatible with Arduino shields)

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    DuinoMite is a Maximite Compatible Basic computer, originally designed by Geoff Graham, with additional features and Arduino like layout. DuinoMite allow you to program in BASIC language and have VGA and Keyboard interface, so you can develop and write your code in Basic without need of any computer. You can store your code on the SD-CARD and to execute it on power up thorugh autoexec.bas main code.

    Warning: Do not use "programmer-to-go" button when there is no image on the Olimex PIC-KIT3 or Microchip PIC-KIT3 or that might put your microcontroller in an inrecoverable state. We have tested the mentioned scenario and we can confirm it destroys PIC32 chips (using both our and the original Microchip PICKIT3). We don't take responsibility if you brick your chip that way.


    • PIC32MX795L microcontroller.
    • 100 Mbit Ethernet.
    • PMP fast GPIO up to 80Mhz input/output.
    • 2MB on board Flash Drive.
    • 64KB EEPROM memory.
    • micro SD card.
    • USB OTG which allow it to act both as Host and Device, so it can accept Android ADK, Printers, Cameras, Keyboards, Mouses, etc USB devices.
    • VGA connector.
    • Composite Video connector.
    • CAN driver and connector - note: CAN driver works on 5V and will not working when board is powered by Li-ion battery.
    • RS232 driver and connector.
    • Two UEXT connectors allowing Olimex modules to be connected one inside the box one outside the box.
    • PS-2 keyboard.
    • Audio output connector.

    Arduino like format i.e. can work with Arduino shields.

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