Elevador de tensión DC-DC

Elevador de tensión DC-DC

Elevador de tensión DC-DC

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    We bring you this spectacular voltage riser card, which will allow you to connect a battery in 3.7Vdc and raise the voltage up to 34Vdc. If you set the output voltage to 12V it will be the perfect complement for your Arduino board.

    This card includes a knob that allows you to adjust the output voltage between 3.7Vdc and 34Vdc.


    1. This card does not have reverse polarity protection, so check your connection before connecting.
    2. The input voltage should be less than the output voltage, otherwise it may damage the board.


    • Input voltage: 3.7-34V
    • Output voltage: 3.7-34V
    • Maximum input current: 3A
    • Maximum power: 15W
    • Efficiency Percentage: 90%
    • Size: 32x34x20mm