Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz

Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz

Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz

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    The main functional module in Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz is RFM95, which is a transceiver features the LoRa long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst mini-missing current consumption. The heart of Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz is ATmega168, a widely used chip with very high-performance and low power consumption, especially suitable for this grove module.

    There we already integrated a simple wire antenna to receive signal, if the signal is too weak to receive, don’t worry, the MHF connector next to the antenna is for adding a second antenna which has MHF interface to gain more signal.

    This is the 433MHz version, which can be used for 433MHz communication.


    Please keep the antenna vertical to the board and as straight as possible to make the best performance.

    Please avoid making any big metal object near the antenna and a metal cape is also not recommended if you need to add a cape for your device.


    • Using RFM95 module based on SX1276 LoRa®
    • Inputting voltage: 5V/3.3V
    • ~28mA(Avg) @+20dBm continuous transmit
    • ~8.4mA(Avg)@standby mode
    • ~20mA(Avg) @receive mode, BW-500kHz
    • Working Temperature: -20 – 70℃
    • Communication Interface: UART
    • Simple wire antenna or MHF Connector for external high gain antenna
    • Working Frequency: 433MHz
    • +20dBm - 100 mW Power Output Capability
    • Size: 20*40mm


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