Insectbot Hexa Kit

Insectbot Hexa Kit

Insectbot Hexa Kit

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    The Insectbot Hexa Kit is a device easy to build and program, perfect for children 6 years old and above with the assembly of this robot you will learn basic and intermediate robotics concepts and you will learn about some of the principal components used in robot building.

    The principal element also called the brain of this robot insect is an ATmega32U4 Microcontroller working on par with two servo motors to give the robot movement capabilities. This microcontroller comes pre-loaded with the Leonardo boot loader and is installed on a Little board called Beetle. A Bluetooth module has also been installed that will bring wireless connectivity between your insectbot and another device like your Smartphone.

    The energy needed to make this little robot work is provided by 2 AAA battery holders.

    An infrared (IR) sensor was also added in the head of the insect to be used as an obstacle detector eye. The programming can be made easily by connecting the Beetle board to an USB port in your computer.

    Without doubt this little device is the easiest way to begin to build robots based on arduino.

    Recommended age: This product should be used and manipulated by kids of over 6 years old.

    Necessary tools (not included):

    • Soldering iron.
    • Scissors.
    • Screw driver.


    List of included parts:

    • 1x Bluno Beatle (Arduino Leonardo with Bluetooth).
    • 1x Bluno Beetle Shield
    • 1x infrared distance sensor GP2Y0A21 
    • 3x 9g micro servo motor.
    • 1x support sensor.
    • 2x 2xAAA battery holders.
    • 1x insectbot main board.
    • 1x USB to Micro-USB cable.
    • 1x connection cable kit.