Kit para montaje (separadores)

Kit para montaje (separadores)

Kit para montaje (separadores)

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    Kit PCB separators cards for multiple projects. The kit spacers made of plastic and metal of different sizes with locking nuts and bolts are included.


    • Nylon female-female standoff(M3x10mm)          x10
    • Nylon female-female standoff(M3x20mm)          x10
    • Nylon female-female standoff(M3x30mm)          x10
    • Copper female-female standoff(M3x10mm)        x10
    • Copper female-female standoff(M3x20mm)        x10
    • Copper female-female standoff(M3x30mm)        x10
    • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x6mm)               x10
    • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x10mm)             x10
    • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x20mm)             x10
    • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x30mm)             x10
    • Copper male-female standoff(M3x10mm)           x10
    • Copper male-female standoff(M3x20mm)           x10
    • Copper male-female standoff(M3x30mm)           x10
    • Philips truss screw (M3x6mm)                            x200
    • M3 nut                                                                 x100