Mano robótica HackerHAND+

Mano robótica HackerHAND+

Mano robótica HackerHAND+

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    Learn programming playing with robots. HackerHAND+ is a low cost, programmable robotic system, designed for people without previous knowledge in programming or robotics and also for DIY lovers.

    HackerHAND+ is built specially to be handled by children, youngsters or adults of any age allowing them to program movements easily.

    Technical specifications:

    • WiFi  microcontroller.
    • MG90S micro servos (1.8kg/cm).
    • Voltage required 5VDC.
    • 3D printed and laser cut pieces
    • Size 240mm (height) x 160mm (Width) x 150mm (Depth)


    • Programmable robotic kit.
    • Easy to assemble and program.
    • Color interchangeable.
    • Easy to use block based programming software.
    • Extensible.
    • Low cost.
    • Similar functionality to a human hand.
    • First robotics kit based on a human hand
    • Made in Chile.