Modulo OLED 128X64 I2C

Modulo OLED 128X64 I2C

Modulo OLED 128X64 I2C

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    MOD-OLED-128x64 is low cost, low power, high contrast LCD display with UEXT connector. You can control it via I2C. The power supply required is only in range 1 uA in sleep mode, 200 uA in operating mode and 7mA in display ON mode.  View area is 21 x 11 mm.
    4 pin header is provided and can be soldered by user to use MOD-OLED-128x64 with breadboard.


    • UEXT connector
    • Cable
    • 4 pin header for Breadboard
    • 27x11 mm view area
    • High contrast
    • I2C controllable
    • 7 mA current with display ON, 1uA sleep mode