Pirate-4WD Mobile Platform

Pirate-4WD Mobile Platform

Pirate-4WD Mobile Platform

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    The DFRobot 4WD Arduino Mobile Platform is intended for use with the DFRobot ROMEO Microcontroller and includes 4x drive motors, 4x wheels and a complete chassis with mounting hardware. The included second level allows you to add even more electronics and even has a space for a standard servo motor. The high-strength aluminum alloy body material provides flexibility in rapid movement particularly in outdoor grass, gravel, sand or sloped surface. The 4WD Arduino Mobile Platform is also suitable for robot competitions and research related projects.

    • 4WD Arduino mobile robot development platform.
    • 4 high-quality micro-speed motor.
    • Electrical supply voltage: 3 ~ 12V.
    • Complete chassis with mounting hardware.
    • Variety of sensors can be added.


    • 4WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-12V DC.
    • Speed: 90cm/s.
    • Dimensions: 200mm x 170mm x 105mm.

    Motor Specification:

    • Gear Ratio 1:120.
    • No-load speed(3V): 100RPM.
    • No-load speed(6V): 200RPM.
    • No-load current(3V): 60mA.
    • No-load current(6V): 71mA.
    • Stall current(3V): 260mA.
    • Stall current(6V): 470mA.
    • Torgue (3V): 1.2Kgcm.
    • Torque (6V): 1.92Kgcm.
    • Size: 55mm x 48.3mm x 23mm.
    • Weight: 45g.

    Part List:

    Optional Parts:

        • Romeo Controller (ROB0004).
        • Warning: Motor encoders are not compatible with this Platform.