Relay SPDT 5V @ 10A

Relay SPDT 5V @ 10A

Relay SPDT 5V @ 10A

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    Contact data:

    • Initial Contact Resistance Maximum: 100 milli-ohm (1A 6VDC).
    • Contact Material: Silver Alloy.
    • Contact Rating (Res. Load): 10A/227VAC,10A/24VDC.
    • Max. Switching Voltage: 277VAC/30VDC.
    • Max. Switching Current: 10A.
    • Max. Switching Power: 2770VA 240W.
    • UL/CUR Rating: 10A 120VAC,10A 277VAC.
    • TÜV Rating: 5A 250VAC.
    • Mechanical Life: 10,000,000 ops.

    Electrial Life: 10,000 ops.


    Initial Insulation Resistance: 100Mohm,500VDC.
    Dielectric Strength Between Coil and Contacts: 1500Vrms,1min.
    Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts: 750Vrms,1 min.
    Operate Time (at nomi. Volt.): 10ms.
    Release Time (at nomi. Volt.): 5ms.
    Temperature Rise(at nomi. Volt.): Max. 60°C.
    Shock Resistance Functional: 98 m/s²(10g).
    Shock Resistance Destructive: 980 m/s²(100g).
    Vibration Resistance: 1.5mm,10-55 Hz.
    Humidity: 35-85%RH.
    Ambient Temperature:-40°C to 70°C.
    Termination: PCB.
    Unit Weight: Approx. 10g.
    Construction: Sealed & Unsealed.

    Coil data:

    • Coil Power: 0.36W.
    • Nominal Voltage: 6VDC.
    • Pick-up Voltage: 4.50VDC.
    • Drop-out Voltage: 0.6VDC.
    • Max allowable Voltage: 7.2VDC(at 20°C).
    • Coil Resistance: 100 ± 10%.