Serial Enabled LCD Backpack

Serial Enabled LCD Backpack

Serial Enabled LCD Backpack

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    The SerLCD v2.5 module is a serial LCD module incorporates many new features. The SerLCD backpack takes care of all the HD44780 commands allowing seamless integration with any micro that can communicate over a wide range of TTL serial baud rates. The SerLCD v2.5 has the ability to drive up to 1A directly for backlight control or as a general purpose high-power control pin.

    SerLCD v2.5 currently supports 16 and 20 character wide screens with 2 or 4 lines of display. Contrast control is implemented through a trim pot on the module. Comes with 3-pin screw terminal shown on right.


    • New PIC 16F688 utilizes onboard UART for greater communication accuracy.
    • Adjustable baud rates of 2400, 4800, 9600 (default), 14400, 19200 and 38400.
    • Operational Backspace.
    • Greater processing speed at 8MHz.
    • Incoming buffer stores up to 80 characters.
    • Backlight transistor can handle up to 1A.
    • Pulse width modulation of backlight allows direct control of backlight brightness and current consumption.
    • All surface mount design allows a backpack that is half the size of the original.
    • Faster boot-up time.
    • Boot-up display can be turned on/off  via firmware.

    User definable splash screen.