Wireless Charging Module 5V/1Amp

Wireless Charging Module 5V/1Amp

Wireless Charging Module 5V/1Amp

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    The Wireless Charging Module can be used with common electronic equipments for close wireless charging or as a power supply. Consists of a transmitter and induction coil, it could be usead as a replacement for the Wireless Power Supply with stable 5V output voltage and maximum 1.2A current output. The small size its induction coil is suitable for using in wireless projects.


    • High efficiency
    • stabilized power supply
    • Input Voltage: 5 Vdc
    • Output Current: 1Amp
    • Space-saving design


    • Input Voltage: 5 Vdc
    • Input Voltage(limits): 5 Vdc
    • Output Voltage: 5Vdc
    • Output Current(maximum): 1.2 Amp
    • Output Current(no-load): 30~50 mA
    • Transmitter Coil Inductance: 3.7 uH
    • Receiver Coil Inductance: 14 uH
    • Transmit-receive distance: 2-10 mm
    • Transmitter :22.1 x 13.1 x 3.2 mm
    • Receiver:  24.2 x 9.8 x 5.36 mm
    • Coil Diameter: 43mm